I’m a 21 year old University graduate based in Cheshire England. I love writing and ranting about things that bother me, so decided to set up this blog rather than bombarding my best friend with paragraphs over messages. I’m passionate about 4 main things:


After suffering with mental health problems myself, I am keen to put an end to the awkwardness and discomfort that still exists when people talk about mental illness.

Mental illnesses are unbelievably hard to understand, especially for those who haven’t experienced them (and I hope you never do). By sharing my own experiences through my blog, I hope to educate others to help raise awareness.


For 3 years I have been struggling with blemish prone skin and hormonal acne. In a quest to clear my skin, I will be reviewing all of the products that I have tried, both prescription and over the counter, as well as writing about the lifestyle changes that seem to effect my skin.


Going on holiday and exploring new places is one of my favourite things. I love exploring new places and sampling other countries cultures.


This category mainly covers anything else in my life that doesn’t fit into the other categories, including the previously mentioned rants, life at university, job searching and food.

‘People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it daily’. Zig Ziglar