Disordered eating

Over the last year or so, it has become apparent to me that more and more people are developing a bad relationship with food. Having suffered from anorexia for three years during my late teens, I am well aware of the toxic habits that can very quickly lead to an eating disorder, and am gutted … More Disordered eating

How to help someone with anorexia at Christmas

Christmas time for most is a fun time, filled with indulgence. Starting from the 1st December, people open the first window of their advent calendar, and then the rest of the month is never ending parties; all of which are usually focused around food. Therefore, for someone struggling with an eating disorder, this can be … More How to help someone with anorexia at Christmas

Stuck in a rut

As humans, it’s in our nature to always want more. More money, more status, more days in the weekend. Therefore, it stands to speak that we aspire to be like those who have more than ourselves. We get jealous of others that have what we want, and feel frustrated when we feel like we are … More Stuck in a rut