My name is Holly. I am 22 years old and from North West England. I am currently working in marketing for a beauty company, which is great because I get so many different products to sample. I graduated from university in the summer of 2018, something that I found really difficult to deal with as none of my friends lived anywhere near me. I am a big advocate that mental health is extremely important, and having had anorexia in my teenage years and panic attacks at university, I understand the impact that poor mental health can have on someone’s life.

By living with my extremely un-empathetic father, I am aware that mental illnesses are unbelievably hard to understand, especially for those who haven’t experienced them. By sharing my own experiences through my blog, I hope to educate others to help raise awareness.

Working where I do, gives me a great opportunity to try different skincare products, something that I greatly appreciate having hormonal acne and problematic dry skin. I love beauty products, and like to find the best out there that will stay on for the whole of a night out.