Lip balm review

It’s well known that the cold weather can cause havoc when it comes to the skin, and more so the skin on your lips. It can completely dry them out, leaving them cracked and painful. Therefore it’s important to have a good lip balm that will actually do what it’s supposed to do and not just smell nice.

If you’ve been caking on the lip-balm but nothing’s working, then it’s likely that you need to change the moisturiser you’re using, as some can have the adverse effect. These are my top three lip balms that actually helped to un-chap my lips when they were completely dried out last winter:


This is my ultimate go to all year round to keep my lips full and moisturised. Despite the burning/tingling sensation it gives when first applied, this lip balm lasts all day long and actually puts moisture back in the lips, rather than just temporarily coating them, preventing further chapping. At only £1.79 at Superdrug, it’s reasonably priced and one tub lasts me for about a year! It smells nice too!

Blistex Relief Cream

This one is a life saver if you’re lips seem like they are beyond repair. If your lips are cracked, painful or even bleeding, then this is the one you need. Use this consistently for a week and your lips will be back to normal. Priced at £2.69 at Boots it is affordable. Although it doesn’t last as long as the Carmex tub, it is definitely worth the price for the fantastic job it does.


Vaseline, a household staple. Of course this one works, as it has for years and years. Although it is slightly less long-lasting than the Carmex, it definitely gives a lot of moisture to the lips and is great for sensitive skin types. On sale for 95p at Superdrug, it is an absolute bargain, and comes in different flavours; my favourite being the Cocoa Butter.

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