Using lemons to stop your period

You may be looking at the title of this article and thinking wtf, what a strange topic. But the whole point of this blog was to pass on important advice to others, albeit it’s usually about eating disorders, however I thought this one needed to be said for any others who try and find ‘natural remedies’ on a regular basis.

Despite what the people at BodyForm and Always say about your period not getting in the way, sometimes it can be incredibly inconvenient. Every girl has been there, you’ve got something big planned and then your period comes early. That is exactly what happened to me. I wasn’t on the pill so there was no way of controlling it beforehand. It had come whether I liked it or not and I wanted something fast working to stop it.

I knew that no event, big or small, was worth potentially harming my body, and I wasn’t willing to use anything drastic. So, of course, I Googled it: ‘How to Stop my period naturally’. I read many different articles and lists, all of which had one common denominator: lemons.

Like it suggested online, I eat one whole lemon in the morning and one in the afternoon each day, cutting it up into small slices; 1. so that I wasn’t putting too much acid in my stomach at once and 2. Because it’s so sour! (that kind of taste just isn’t worth it if it’s not after a shot of tequila!).

What the articles don’t tell you is that the lemons work because the acid causes your uterus to contract, shedding its lining quicker, and leaving you in horrendous pain; It felt as though every cramp I had ever had were returning all at once. I spent most of the second day on the sofa practically attached to my hot water bottle and hunched over.

By the second evening my period had completely stopped. However, it didn’t come without a price. Although it had done the job, I was left slightly bloated and with a bit of indigestion.

So the lemons did work, and my period had finished by the time I needed it to. But was it worth it? I wouldn’t say so. If I had to go back and give my younger self some advice, it would be to leave nature to run it’s course, and not be so bothered.

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