One Question that really helps my Anxiety

Social Anxiety or not, we’ve all done or said something we regret before and then spent hours overthinking it. Should I have said that? Do they think I’m weird now? I can’t show my face there anymore.

These kinds of worry’s can go on for hours or even days, popping back into your head at the most inconvenient times causing stress and, for some, panic attacks. But here’s one simple thing to ask yourself, that I have found really helps me stop overthinking.

I was in my teenage years (the most self-conscious years in life) when someone first said this to me. After getting a little too drunk on a night out, I woke up feeling quite embarrassed and paranoid about what people now thought of me.

Although my friends reassured me that I hadn’t really done anything that embarrassing (just standard drunk nonsense), it wasn’t until one of them said this that I really calmed down:

‘Will it matter in a week though?’

Actually thinking about what she said, I started to realise that it wouldn’t. Even if people were amused by my actions the night before, they wouldn’t care in a week. There would be new gossip, new stories, and some other joke of the party by then (probably me again but hey ho).

I know that not all matters go away in a week but there is almost always an expiration date on problems. If it won’t go away in a week, will it matter in a month, or a year? My guess is no. However long it takes, eventually this will pass. People will carry on with what they’re doing and have new, and more important, things to worry about.

Most importantly, everyone makes mistakes and the chances are that you’re blowing it out of proportion (something that I’m very guilty of doing). But it won’t last forever and life goes on!

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