Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Make-up (Foundation): Review

Anyone with Acne prone skin will know the viscous circle that comes with wearing make-up to cover it up; you coat your spots in make-up to hide them, only to end up with five more the next morning from said make-up.

After noticing this definite circular pattern a few years ago, I decided that I needed to swap a few things out of my make-up bag. First, and most importantly, my foundation.

Despite the fact that I was already familiar with Clinique as a brand, I had no idea that they did an anti-blemish range and after reading a few reviews online, I was keen to try it myself.

Unlike other anti-blemish foundations, BB, CC and whatever other letter creams they have out there that are supposed to be light on the skin, this cream not only actually does feels lightweight, but also gives me full coverage.

The ‘Liquid Foundation’ blends in evenly with my skin tone and covers even those stubborn active spots that are usually determined to be seen.

Additionally, although the foundation doesn’t reduce the oil production on my face, it doesn’t add to it either, something which past foundations have done. It stays on nicely despite my oily face, and holds its ground well, even with a bit of perspiration on those days where I go straight to the gym after work.

On the market for around £28.50 (Boots), this foundation is moderately priced. However, I have found it to be very long-lasting and brilliant value for money.

Overall I would definitely recommend it to anyone with blemish prone skin (or without!) and will be continuing to use it myself for the foreseeable future.

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