Skin care review: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

After being used to paying £38 for one session of light therapy at my local beauty salon, buying the Neutrogena mask for only £33.63 on Amzon seemed like a no-brainer!

For anyone unfamiliar with the treatment, red and blue light is a non-harmful light source that is able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, killing bacteria and healing damaged skin or acne scars. It is also thought to be useful for those suffering from depression as a result of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) by mirroring the effects of daylight.

For more information on the uses of Blue and Red light therapy:

Although the effects of light therapy are not a long term acne fix, it has
definitely helped to reduce any visible spots that I have had in the past. I was therefore keen to see how the mask compared to the treatments available at Salons.

After using the Neutrogena mask for the first time, I was quite impressed by the results from such a small and affordable product. Although the effects were nowhere near as noticeable as those I see after a salon treatment, where there is an almost instant reduction in my scars, there was definitely a difference.

My usually quite red (or as my Mum calls them ‘rosy’ cheeks) were much smoother and even with the rest of my skin tone, and my existing acne scars looked slightly better. Although I regained some of the redness after about an hour, after using the full 30 sessions on the mask, my redness had definitely decreased overall long-term.

Additionally, although it only very slightly reduced the inflammation of my active spots, it did seem to reduce the amount of breakouts I got, in total, over the 30 days. This may have been something to do with the fact that it appeared to help control the amount of oil I was producing, something which is also problematic for me.

As expected, the power of the light is much weaker than that I was used to. Unlike the huge beam that is placed over your head at a beauty salon, the Neutrogena mask is much smaller and makes you look like something from the Halloween movies for the ten minutes that you have to wear it for.

At first the light can be quite intense, looking like you’re staring right at the sun even though you have your eyes closed. However, after about one minute you adjust to the brightness and it even becomes calming, similar to feeling of sunbathing.

The mask comes with an activator that plugs into the side, and gives you 30 sessions of ten minutes worth of blue and red light therapy through small bulbs dotted around the inside of it. The catch to this product being that you have to keep buying another activator for £9.99 every 30 uses.

Overall, I would say that this product is helpful in controlling acne and reduce scaring, however is best used alongside other methods. Although the mask does give your skin regular exposure to blue and red light therapy, in my experience, having a much stronger and longer one-off session at a beauty salon shows far more lasting results.

However the Neutrogena mask can be extremely beneficial to those with anxiety, or anyone in need of some relaxation, as the light not only helps boost your mood, giving a sense of calm, but forces you to spend ten minutes every day lying down and relaxing without distractions.

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