Skin care review: The Body Shop Tea Tree range

I first came across the Tea Tree range at the Body shop on your average rainy day shopping trip. I had no intention of buying face products, and was merely there to buy the amazing smelling body moisturizers to fill out a birthday present. However, whilst pondering around the shop I was sucked in by a cool spot popping gadget (gross, but effective) that was strategically placed underneath the Tea Tree range. As expected, before I had even picked the thing up, the shop assistant was by my side asking me all sorts of questions about my skin care regime. 

Usually, I wouldn’t engage in conversation and would quickly tell them ‘I’m just looking’ so that I can continue to be my antisocial self and shop in peace. However, when the woman asked me if I had blemish prone or oily skin (probably a rhetorical question, considering that she wasn’t blind), I was hooked. She continued to explain the range to me, telling me how to use it and which products would be best for me and most cost effective. I was sold, and walked out of the shop with around £25 worth of products: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foam Cleanser, Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub, Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner, Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion.

After using these products religiously for only two weeks, I started to see a genuine improvement in my skin. Although I was still getting breakouts, they were definitely less intense, and my skin less oily on a whole. The Face wash left my face feeling fresh and the scrub, which I used once-twice a week, really helped clear any blackheads. The toner was not too harsh on my sensitive skin, and really helped with the oil control. However, I found that the Mattifying Lotion was not moisturising enough, and although my skin was now less oily, it was starting to become too dry. 

After a trip back to the shop and another discussion with the very helpful shop assistant about how the products were working for me, she recommended that I try an heavier, oil free moisturiser to combat the dryness. Despite her suggestion of their own products, she also admitted that the moisturiser that I had previously used, Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream, should work fine (a relief, considering that it was the end of term and my student loan was running low).

On recommendation, I additionally purchased the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask, which also helped to keep my face moisturised at night, but helped clear my blemishes further. 

After implementing my new, old moisturiser into my routine, along with my new face mask, I found that my skin was a lot healthier and less dry. The Tea Tree products continued to reduce the amounts of breakouts I was getting, and keep a handle on oil production. 

Although I still get breakouts, some worse than others, and am still searching for something to stop the cause, the Tea Tree range does a fantastic job at controlling the symptoms. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with oily or blemish prone skin, and will continue to use it myself. 

Review Ratings

Effectiveness in reducing spots: 8/10

Price: ££

Time taken to see results: 2 weeks

Side Effects: Slightly drying but solvable with a different moisturiser

Overall Rating: 8/10

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