My Camp America Experience: Application

In the summer 2016 I decided to tick off one of the many things on my bucket list and do Camp America. I’d always wanted to go to an American Summer camp since watching Recess and the parent trap on Disney channel and decided it was the time to do it! I had just finished my first year at uni, and had three months of summer break ahead of me and didn’t want to start thinking about work experience or internships yet.

I applied in December, which is quite late and most of the recruitment fairs had been and gone. It took a while for me to fill out all of the relevant forms, upload cheesy pictures of me playing netball in year 8, and get my medical form filled in by my doctor. Once I had been approved I had to arrange an interview with a CA rep. The interview process appears quite informal and flexible in that you pick the person who is closest to you and then message them to arrange an interview date and location. I selected a rep who said they were in a city not far away from my university. However, agreeing on a date and time was far from easy, as she was never available at the times I was and when we did eventually set a date (in January), I found out that she wanted me to meet her in a Starbucks in the middle of nowhere, which took two trains and a very long walk in the rain.

During the interview I was asked questions about myself and my hobbies and then given a few camp scenarios which I had come up with a solution to. Overall, it was quite informal and the interviewer was really friendly. She told me at the end of the interview that I had passed it and that she would get my profile put up on the system asap so camp directors could see it and offer me a place!

Months went by and nothing happened. I was disappointed but decided to move on and started looking into retail jobs that I could apply for to fill my summer instead. Then on my way to visit family in Europe, I received an email from a director in Michigan offering me an interview over Skype the following day. The wait for this interview was possibly one of the most nerve wracking times of my life. Though like most things that make me nervous, the build up in my head was worse than the actual thing. The interview went well and I was offered a job at a camp in Michigan, starting in less than 3 weeks.

This is where things got scary. I had to book myself a slot for the last Visa application day in London and start sorting out my flights. Thankfully, the application process was very straightforward and I got approved without any problems. Despite a very bad train journey home, everything ran smoothly and I went home and started preparing myself for a summer in America!

The Camp Bus

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